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8th Dan “Black Belt” for GM Lyubomir Yordanov
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We would proudly like to inform you about a significant event which we believe to be a tremendous achievement in the field of martial arts in Bulgaria, and Europe – an event connected to our teacher GM Lyubomir Yordanov.

In 2010 Lyubomir Yordanov was given the title of Grand Master, and in 2011 he was given a certificate for a 7th Dan in the “Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation” by GM Richard Bustillo (during a seminar in Sofia).

On the 8th June 2014 the Certifying Committee of the “Cacoy Doce Pares World Federation” headed by SGM Cacoy Canete and GM Richard Bustillo in Sebu, the Philippines gave GM Lyubomir Yordanov an 8th Dan “Black Belt” for his contribution to the development and popularization of Jeet Kune Do, Doce Pares Escrima, and Escrido in Southeast Europe and Bulgaria.